The Election Committee of the EASSW invites you to present candidates for the Executive Committee. More information here.
Due to the military actions in Ukraine supported by Russia, people in Ukraine are suffering humiliation, deprivation of basic human rights and forced internal displacement, while families in Russia have to anonymously bury their sons. The UN has stated, “armed conflict [in Ukraine] has caused great damage to the economy, the social infrastructure is ruined, and people are suffering. The winter is coming, which makes the problems of the regions especially acute” (
We, as social work educators, express our compassion and solidarity with Ukrainian and Russian colleagues who are faced with all kinds of human suffering and are themselves among those who need the encouragement and moral support of European social work education communities. We stand in solidarity with social work educators of Ukraine and Russia in all their efforts “ end this destructive conflict once and for all, to stop the bloodshed and to start rebuilding communities and livelihoods in a safe, stable and sovereign Ukraine” (Spokesman for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in statement on Ukraine, 05 Sept. 2014).
EASSW, 14 November 2014.

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Open letter from the President of the “Ordine nazionale degli assistenti sociali”

29 March 2015

The President of the “Ordine nazionale degli assistenti sociali”, representing all the Italian social workers, sent an Open letter to the President of the Republic, to the Prime Minister and the members of the Government, Deputies and Senators for the 2015 World Social Work Day. The Ital...

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Nomination for Katherine A. Kendall Memorial Award

19 March 2015

Nominations are called for the Prestigious Katherine A. Kendall Memorial Award for distinguished contribution to the development of social work education internationally. The nominee can come from any region of the world and may or may not be a member of IASSW. The biography of the nominee must matc...

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World Social Work Day at UNAIDS, Geneva

15 March 2015

EASSW has been involved in organising a very exciting programme for World Social Work Day at UNAIDS in Geneva, Switzerland. Prof Walter Lorenz (EASSW Honorary Lecturer 2015) is among those presenting papers at the event. Livestream will be available if you wish to share in this historic event

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World Social Work Day 17th of March 2015

12 March 2015

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