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World Social Work Day 2013 in the UK and Spain

 World Social Work Day 2013 in the UK and SpainUnited Kingdom 2013 World Social Work Day
In the enclosed document some of the World Social Work Day 2013 in the UK are presented.

Spain, 2013 World Social Work Day
Spanish universities have planned diverse activities for the celebration of the 2013-World Social Work Day ‘Promoting Social and Economic Equalities’.
Spain has a serious economic crisis as many other countries in Europe and in the World. Universities and social workers condemn the austerity policies whose consequences are the breach of human rights, the increasing social problems and severe cuts in social resources. The World Social Work Day is a great opportunity to bring together social workers, students, social work educators, service users, politicians and experts of diverse areas of policy and social sciences under the theme ‘Promoting Social and Economic Equalities’ and Social Work. The activities are centered in the difficult economic, social and political context we are in. Such activities are promoted by the Universities of Alicante, Barcelona, Castilla-La Mancha (Talavera de la Reina), Complutense (Madrid), Comillas (Madrid), Deusto, Granada, Girona, Jaén, Murcia, Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla), País Vasco, Ramón Llull (Barcelona), Valladolid and Vic together with the General Council of Social Work (Professional Social Workers).

Global agenda for download

Global agenda for downloadThe Global agenda for download

Global agenda put into action

Global agenda put into actionThe Global Agenda is to be rolled out through the five Regional Associations of IASSW and by IFSW. One of the things EASSW will be charged to do is to collect in news and events and practice around how the Global Agenda is being actioned. Please keep on sending in to the EASSW website news about actions, examples of good practice, articles and books you have written, seminars and debates you are having, teaching maerials you are developing and any such information. There is lots happening in Europe that we need to capture and record for peoples all over the world to see. We are working on getting a direct link to the Global Agenda website, so our archive is fed straight in. Let us work together to realise the impact of the GLOBAL AGENDA COMMITMENT TO ACTION!
(Photo: Susan Lawrence, President of EASSW and Letnie Rock, IASSW representative for the Caribbean and Head of Social Work in Barbados hold the world and commit to action the Global Agenda at the Joint World Conference in Stockholm on 12 July 2012)

The Gobal Agenda for Social Work and Social Development was presented to the Council of Europe

The Gobal Agenda for Social Work and Social Development  was presented to the Council of EuropeOn Thursday, 22nd March 2012 the vice president of the EASSW, Günter J. Friesenhahn and Thomas Goldberg from the European Region of Council on Social Welfare presented the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social development at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
On behalf of the Secretary General, the president of the Conference of INGOs, Jean-Marie Heydt, received the Global Agenda .

Together with Thorsten Afflerbach (Head of Division; Social Cohesion and Diversity Department), Jutta Gützkow (Head of Division; Civil Society), Annelise Oeschger ( Chair of the Human Rights Committee) and Ralf-René Weingärtner (Director: Human Rights and Antidiscrimination) they discussed the essentials of the Global Agenda and the role and functions of social work for a cohesive society.

United Nations Social Work Day

United Nations Social Work DayUN Social Work Day was celebrated at the UN Office in Geneva - the Palais des Nations - with the launching of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development by the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), the International Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) and the International Federation of Social Work (IFSW). The event was opened by Klaus Kuhn, IFSW Representative at ECOSOC, Geneva, followed by welcome addresses given by Susan Lawrence (IASSW/EASSW) and Eva Holmberg-Herrstrom (ICSW). David Jones of IFSW outlined the Global Agenda Commitments to Action and Professor Silvia Straub-Bernasconi gave a paper on Human Rights and Social Work outlining its historical and theoretical basis and how specific commitments of the Global Agenda could be and have been activated.

Mr Assane Diop, International Labour Organisation (ILO) Executive Director then discussed the work of the ILO and the Social Protection Floor Initiative and how the massive army of social workers and social development workers represented by the joint international associations were needed to help:

1) Create the political will to build the Social Protection Floor
2) Create public awareness about the need for the social protection floor and
3) Design, implement and monitor the Social Protection Floor.

Mr Diop said that the UN would be calling upon social workers to assist with this initiative and said there was 'formidable support for the mandate of the Global Agenda' in the UN. He further said that social protection in all aspects of social and economic life was a necessity for all people to live in dignity and that the Social Protection Floor (SPF) should be visible in all countries of the world. The ILO is actively engaged in the process of creating the SPF and a new legal instrument is expected next year. More concrete steps towards social justice need to be taken and the UN would be calling upon the global community of social workers to pursue its objectives.

The Global Agenda was then formally presented to Assane Diop by David Jones, Eva Holmberg-Herrstrom and Susan Lawrence. Rory Truell, Secretary General of IFSW, stressed the importance of the joint efforts of the three International Associations representing social work and social development and invited all present to debate the Global Agenda at the World Conference for Social Work and Social development in Stockholm in July 2012. He also confirmed commitment to building upon the work in 2012 for the future.