EASSW Awards Nomination

EASSW Awards Nomination Form and Guidance 2021

In the development of its activity and pursuing its mission of promoting Social Work education in Europe, the EASSW is launching an award for educators, students, researchers, professionals, volunteers and service users which significantly contribute to an improvement of quality in Social Work Education (SWE).  The EASSW is honouring these awards to promote social development and develop high quality education, training and knowledge for social work practice, social services, and social welfare policies in Europe.

The awards consider three different categories and awards:

  1. 1. Alice Salomon Award

Innovative pedagogical and practice experiences in Social Work Education

  1. 2. Research Award

Research on Social Work education

  1. 3. Student Award

Social work student project or thesis 

Eligibility criteria for the awards


1. Alice Salomon Award

The award will acknowledge innovation in SWE and will be attributed to innovative social work pedagogical experiences initiated by social work schools inside a school or classroom setting OR practice experiences during practice or field placements. 

Experiences took place in the two years before the respective call.

Practices awarded must be innovative and unequivocally contribute to high-standards in quality of social work education and have potential impact to a broader context of pedagogical or practice experiences in social work.

The pedagogical and practice experiences in SWE are related to classroom or school settings, the social work practice or field placements. The outcome can be projects, courses, handbooks or other learning materials, modules, school activities, …

Target groups are educators, (undergraduates, bachelor, master or doctoral) students, researchers, volunteers, service users and professionals.

The application is made through a “call for videos” process which shall present the experience and includes important written materials which have supported the learning process. All the submitted documents should be available for dissemination on the EASSSW website. This award includes a call for nominations that will be launched on the conference website.


2. Research Award 

The award will be attributed to research papers in social work education published for the first time either in an Advance Access format or in hard copy during the two years before the respective call. 

Target group are academics and researchers in social work.

Papers should have been published in recognized scientific journals, with blind peer-review system, and should be focused on Social Work education. Papers to be considered must contribute, based on research, to Social Work education at one or more of the following levels:

  1. Exploration of new education areas within Social Work;
  2. Demonstration of innovation in Social Work education;
  3. Development of a significant conceptual or theoretical contribution to the field.

The application is made through a call for nominationsin which peers propose a relevant paper for consideration. Self-nomination will be also accepted. The complete paper must be submitted to the EASSW award committee. The paper might have been published in any language, provided that a full version in English is available for committee evaluation.

3. Student Award 

The award will acknowledge a student thesis or project that enhances and stimulates innovation and quality in Social Work Education. The thesis or project took place in the two years before the respective call.

Target group are undergraduate, bachelor, master or doctoral students.

Project or thesis awarded must be innovative and unequivocally contribute to high-standards in quality of social work education and have potential impact on social work practice beyond the local context.

The application is made through a “call for videos” or a “call for descriptive report” which presents the project or thesis in English and their relevant contribution to the quality of Social Work Education.

Call for submissions and nominations 

The launch of the call is in February 2021, three months before the EASSW Tallinn conference in June 2021.

The awards will be announced and presented during the bi-annual ECSWE conference 2021 on 15-18 June hosted by Tallinn University. The conference will take place virtually. 

The call for submissions will be open for each category and submissions should be made until the 19th of April 2021. The nominees should be a member of EASSW and should participate in the conference.

The closing date for nominations will be on Monday 17th of May at 1pm, UK time. Call for nominations will be launched on conference website https://ecswe2021.org/ . The nominations for the award shall be submitted by the nominees themselves or by a third party.

The judging panel will comprise a subgroup of the EASSW Executive Committee. We invite EASSW members to apply to be a member of this judging panel. Please submit your expression of interest to (membership@eassw.org) with a brief explanation of why you would like to be part of the judging panel and the relevant experience/skills you can offer.

Submissions should include:

  1. A proposal statement of not more than 1000 words explaining reasons for awarding the experience, paper or project;
  2. Two letters of recommendation supporting the nomination, explaining the main reasons for nomination and briefly describing the most important aspects of the experience.


For category 1: Alice Salomon Award 

A video presenting the learning experience (not longer than 30 minutes) and other relevant documents;

For category 2: Research Award 

The full paper, with publishing information and a translated version into English (if applicable);

For category 3: Student Award 

A video (no longer than 30 minutes) or written materials (no longer than 30 pages in total) presenting the project or a summary of the thesis. A full version of the original thesis or a final project report is included in original language.


The working language of the judging panel will be English. Therefore, if the original language of the submitted materials is any other, videos should be subtitled and all written material should be translated into English (for category 2 and 3, a full version of the original published article, thesis or project report should also be submitted). 

All materials should be uploaded on time on the EASSW website. 


The winner in each category will be awarded with a prize of 500€, a free registration for the next bi-annual conference and a certificate for the award.

Two mentions of honour in each category will be awarded with a certificate.

The Executive Committee of EASSW will designate a judging panel to evaluate and decide on winning nominations. 

The award judging panel includes one officer, 2 ExCo Members and one or two EASSW members or members of the Advisory Council. The awards will be announced and presented during the next conference in June 2021.

If the nomination implies more than one nominee, the committee will treat them as a unity and the prize will be delivered on the same way as in the case of a single author. The nominee should be a member of EASSW.

Announcement of awards and publication

The announcement of the three awards and mentions of honours will be announced during the EASSW ECSWE (European conference on social work education) bi-annual conference. Awards are presented during the opening ceremony of the Conference or later.

After the conference they will be announced and published on our website, through social media or newsletters and registered on a list of award winners.