Countries coordinatores

To help members to have a stronger relation with EASSW we renewed the role of the country coordinator’. The country coordinator is a member of the EC that is regionally near or has already some contacts with your country. HE/she and has the task of helping members and new interested Schools to become stronger actors in social work education and to reinforce their relationships with EASSW. You can therefore address the country coordinator to have news about EASSW, and to discuss any other problems regarding social work education you think  would be of interest, as well as making proposals of new topics and actions.



Coordinator contries
Acar Hacan:  Turkey United Kingdom
Inês Amaro:  Armenia Portugal Poland
Andres Arias Astray: Spain Albania Andorra Kosovo
Christos: Greece Cyprus Palestina Israel
Nino Croatia Serbia Azerbaijan Macedonia Montenegro Slovenia Bósnia
Bergougnan Belgium France Monaco
Bertotti Teresa: Italy Malta San Marino Ireland
Ronny: Island Denmark Greenland Sweden Norway
Kloppenberg Raymond: Netherland Czech Republic Hungary Luxemburg
Smirnova Marika: Lithuania Slovakia Estonia Latvia Belarus
Marion Laging: Austria Germany Switzerland Liechtenstein
Matthies Aila-Leena: Finland Russia
Florin Lazar: Romenia Ukraine Moldavia Georgia Bulgaria