Unaforis EASSW Paris 2017
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EASSW - UNAFORIS 2017 European Conference

26–29th of June 2017

Dear colleagues,

in the name of the EASSW I cordially invite you to attend the Paris conference in 2017 and to join to the large group of European social work educators, students, practitioners and users in interactive disscussion, dialogue and exchange of ideas and thoughts. After Milan conference that was held with great success in 2015 the EASSW along with its partner UNAFORIS from France is strongly determined to raise the level of conference quality even higher and to offer to the participants unique opportunity for the presentation of their research findings, theoretical and practical insights and experiences as well as to exchange common ideas and attitudes. The beautiful city of Paris will host us in prestigious Descartes University and organizers will conduct every efforts to make this conference perfectly organized, substantially significant but also to secure an homey warm ambience. The conference title “Social work education in Europe: challenging boundaries, promoting a sustainable future” offers broad space for the elaboration of the social work education issues as well as for discussion relations of the education with other social work aspects. I hope to see you in Paris from 26 – 29. June 2017

Nino Žganec, President of EASSW