Main challenges you are facing in doing your work as SW Educators in Lockdown

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    Femke Dewulf

    What are the main challenges you are facing in doing your work as Social Work educators in  lockdown? What suggestions do you have to support your colleagues?
    European Association of Schools of Social Work calls social work educators to share their experiences and views on the challenges in facing the COVID-19 virus and lockdown.

    Some questions…

      How do you try to offer a quality social work education? What are the challenges or activities which can inspire other countries?
      How do schools facilitate physical distancing and social solidarity towards their students or colleagues?
      How do you as schools support social work practice to support communities and the most vulnerable?
      How do you advocate for social services and in policy environments to make sure that services adapt, remain open and are pro-active in supporting communities and vulnerable populations?
      How do you support and protect physically and mentally professionals and volunteers in their frontline role?
      How can we promote global solidarity to fight Covid-19?

    Share with us your reality, bellow. We are looking forward to reading from you!

    In many countries social workers are supporting communities where Covid-19 virus has an enormous impact on health and wellbeing. Social workers have an essential frontline role in the fight against the spread of the virus through supporting communities, to protect themselves and others through physical distancing and social solidarity. Also, social work schools can contribute to the key functions of social work during this difficult time. In countries where the lockdown was established, lectures and contacts with students are held on line, through virtual media. Social work educators are also engaged in supporting the students, the education and academic community, for nurturing resilience and solidarity with social work practices and to support those who are suffering for isolation or disease. We would like to collect experiences and challenges of social work school or organizations affected or fearful of the Covid-19 virus. We believe that collecting this information can help and support social work education and social work educators to contribute to social development and high-quality education, training and knowledge for social work practice, social services, and social welfare policies in Europe. Here are some open questions as suggestions. You can answer and react to them or, if you prefer you can provide a short text of 200-300 words and/or include pictures or links to other documents. With your consent will be published on the EASSW Facebook pages and social media As co-founding association of IASSW, main contents and forum will be shared with the dedicated section.

    Links to reports and other resources useful during this period

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