International Social Work

Scholarly refereed journal
International Social Work is a scholarly refereed journal designed to extend knowledge and promote international exchange in the fields of social work, social welfare and community development.


European Journal of Social Work

European Journal
The European Journal of Social Work provides a forum for the social professions in all parts of Europe and beyond. It analyses and promotes European and international developments in social work, social policy, social service institutions, and strategies for social change by...

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ERIS Web Journal

Scientific journal
The ERIS web journal is a peer reviewed scientific journal published from contributions of the field of social work research across Europe. Its focus is on theory and practice of social work in Europe and its aim is according to the philosophy...


Dialogue in Praxis

Papers publications
A Social Work International Journal publishes the papers which are or will be presented at the School for Social Work Theory and Practice at Inter-university Centre (IUC) in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where teachers of social work, post-graduate students and social work practitioners as...

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Critical and Radical Social Work

International journal
The journal publishes papers which seek to analyse and respond to issues, such as the impact of global neo-liberalism on social welfare; austerity and social work; social work and social movements; social work, inequality and oppression, and understanding and responding to global...

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Alternativas. Cuadernos de Trabajo Social

Refereed journal
Alternativas. Cuadernos de Trabajo Social is a refereed journal, using the peer-review system for external revision by experts in the field and methodology of the research.