Support Regional Events

Call for support of regional events

The EASSW invites proposals for support respective events (seminar, conference, symposium, exhibition or similar) organized at regional level in Europe which relate to social work education. The proposals are expected to contribute to the implementation of the EASSW Mission Statement, and to the enhancement of cooperation among the member Schools of EASSW.

The support can be performed as financial one or/and on some other way for example: by participation of Executive Committee members, by sending the letter of support, by putting the information about the event at the EASSW web site or on some other effective way.

The financial support to the regional event can amounts up to 2000 EUR accordingly to their budget. It can be used only once during five years by the same applicant.

General criteria for support:

  • Regional association and/or supported organizations are required to send a report about their initiative and the contribution to EASSW goals.
  • Related to Social Work Education.
  • Enhancing the cooperation among the member schools oh EASSW.
  • Having an international perspective.
  • At least one of the organizer/s of the event should be member of the EASSW and is entitled to apply for the support from the EASSW. The EC respective country coordinator should be involved and play a role in these events.
  • A written report about the event should be submitted and published on the EASSW website and newsletter.
  • Making the logo of EASSW visible by using our logo to acknowledge the support received by EASSW.

Financially support to local initiatives that preferably:

  • involve more organizations (and associations)
  • give a strong impulse to social work education and the connection between the discipline and the profession of social work
  • strengthen the mission of EASSW
  • include publications (preferably also scientific publications) making the support of EASSW visible (include logo in high resolution)
  • provide adequate international communication in English


  • Financial support
    1. Up to 2000 euro twice per year 
    2. Only once during five years by the same applicant
    3. Maximum 4 applicants can be accepted. If there are more applicants being accepted, the financial support will be divided equally.


  • Other kinds of support
    1. participation of Executive Committee members
    2. sending letter of support
    3. Putting the information about the event at the EASSW website or other communication channels
    4. Digital formats of promotional material to promote the association (membership and activities of support)
    5. Other kind of support on request (contact person:


A) Events organized in the first half of the year 2021 (January 1st – July 31st)

a)The application should be sent to the Executive Committee of the EASSW in the period between October 1st and (deadline) January 1st of 2021  

B)Events organized in the second half of the year 2021 (August 1st – December 31st)

b)From 2021 on application should be send between 1st of January and (deadline) 1st of July.